Tips For Preventing Backup In Your Sewer System

Biological waste is a major concern in modern society.  In the past it has been responsible for major sicknesses and even death.  Before modern plumbing and waste treatment and disposal practices were put into use humans didn’t really have a way of dealing with this issue.  Today, we don’t have these issues as much.  In fact, with proper sewer maintenance and common-sense practices many of us will never have to worry about sewer issues resulting in the need to call for sewage cleanup ann arbor mi.

Aging sewer systems

An aging sewer system is typically the main cause of issues people have.  When your home was built and the system installed to the present day is possibly the only time the system was touched.  With an aging system you will experience issues such as rusting pipes, broken lines and even occasional backups.

Tree Roots

Three roots grow down into the ground.  These roots also go in search of water.  In the sewer systems there is water that can be absorbed by the roots.  When this happens your sewer system will need to be fixed or replaced.  To avoid this, try to keep trees away from your sewer system and trim roots if needed.

Don’t dump grease down the drains

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Cooking grease should never be disposed of down the drain.  When we dispose of it down the drain it will become hard when cooled and start form a clog.  When this happens, the sewer will begin to backup and cause problems.  With your grease you want to store it in heat proof containers and then dispose of it properly.

If a backup occurs, you want to take immediate action.  The longer you wait or try to ignore the problem the worse it is going to get.  Contact your local water management company and let them know the issue.  They will then be able to assist you with stopping the issue.  Once repaired make sure to have your entire house professionally cleaned.