Is it the Flu or is it Pneumonia?

If you’ve never experienced influenza or pneumonia, you may be unsure what’s causing you to feel so terrible, though you’re confident that it’s one of the two conditions. Visit a reliable family practice pembroke pines fl to get the proper diagnosis and treatment that you need and deserve to ensure a full recuperation. Many people mistakenly think they have influenza, when in fact, it’s pneumonia. It’s not always easy to decipher between the two conditions, especially if you aren’t a doctor.

Flu symptoms usually come on very strong and out of nowhere. One minute you feel great, the next like you’ve been run over by a truck. Symptoms of the flu include:

·    Severe aches and pains

·    Fever over 100.4

·    Headaches

·    Extreme fatigue/tiredness

·    Dry, hacking cough

Most flu symptoms ease up within a couple of days, although some people experience them for up to two weeks.

Pneumonia, on the other hand, comes on slowly over time. It is a lung infection that causes many of the same symptoms as the flu and can be a complication of this condition. It happens when the germs that cause a cold or the flu get stuck in your lungs. Pneumonia symptoms include:

·    Fever of 100.5 or higher

·    Sweating

·    Fast heartbeat

·    Coughing bloody mucus

·    Yellow or greenish discharge

·    Chills that cause you to shake

·    Inability to catch your breath, especially when moving around

·    Tired feeling

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·    Chest pains

·    No appetite

Both the flu and pneumonia are serious conditions that need medical attention, especially when an older adult develops the symptoms.  Although some don’t consider the flu as a serious illness, it is, and the sooner you visit a doctor for treatment, the sooner you can feel like your old self again. Don’t let the flu or pneumonia get the best of you this winter season.